How to Make Career in Actuary

Outside the world of assurance, the actuarial occupation is mainly unknown. Nevertheless, approximately I every person is artificial by the work of actuaries. Actuaries are the individuals who are accountable I for measuring the risk and assessing the cost of that risk in a assortment of situations. The work of I an actuary is basically concerned with the application of the supposition of probability and the theory of compound interest to all kinds of practical problems. It is a small but influential occupation. Those I who plan to rake in the big bucks through this department after private entry into the assurance I industry had better gear up or focus elsewhere.


The strong mathematical bias eliminates all but the most scientifically inclined. Actuaries calculate I probabilities of death, sickness, injury, disability, withdrawal, income level, property loss or return I on investment. They calculate best rates and determine policy contract provisions for each type I of assurance offered.

Required Skills

The greater part of actuaries works in life assurance, in general assurance, consultancies, bookkeeping I firms, government departments, commercial banks, stock interactions, and in private industry The work I is essentially desk-centered in a mixture of settings.


Actuaries may concentrate in life, health, or property and casualty assurance or in pension plans or in financial planning and investment. Actuaries working in assurance companies concentrate on the technical side of life assurance J and pension funds, investigating matters such as relative life expectancies of various groups in the population, and assessing the effects of lifestyles and characteristics on premiums and policies and investments. In assurance branches like accident, motor, fire, etc. actuaries assess risks and pinpoint on variables in the light of changing conditions and life styles and advise on reserves necessary to cover long-term liabilities. In the financial services industry they manage credit, pre-payment and other risks, and help price corporate offerings.

Required Skills

An aptitude for mathematics is a must for all approaching actuaries .A practical outlook, probing curiosity, pleasure in solving complicated problems, business sense are significant. You should have the ability to articulate yourself clearly and accurately If the work stimulates you, be prepared for concerted desk work with little physical activity those in consulting business will need to travel.

Occupational Courses

There are very few commonly full-time programmers in Actuarial Science. Currently. A number of universities are planning to establish them since trends indicate that there will soon be a greater demand for actuaries once the assurance sector opens up fully.
In the middle of the available alternative are Actuarial Science as a subject at the apprentice level in a BA or BSc programmed at a few Indian universities or a Master's degree in Actuarial Science with arithmetic, Statistics, finance as preferred subjects.

Career Opportunity

Actuaries may be working in any field where there is risk considered in financial terms. This includes banking, mortgages, developed of goods and services, etc. Actuarial beginner with Life Assurance conglomerate is the major entry point option currently as the privatization of the assurance industry takes off. You should be a first class (60%) graduate/ postgraduate with Mathematics or information as a main subject or a graduate/postgraduate in Commerce with information/Actuarial Science as major subjects with 60% or more marks. This entry level option is only for those who are between 18-25 years of age who are prepared for a competitive examination.

Direct entry through interview is possible for those who have passed one of these examinations:

a)    Entrance Test of the Actuarial Society of India
b)    1 or more subjects of the inspection of the Actuarial Society of India, or The Institute of Actuaries, London
c)    Post-graduate Diploma course in Actuarial Science with above 50% marks in the aggregate.
The Assurance Regulatory and improvement persuade also conscript actuarial officers and actuarial assistants.

Career Path

Public sector word employees with experience find good openings for speedy growth in the private sector. The Assurance Regulatory and Development Authority also need full-time members with job-related experience. Future growth could be in the areas of product liability assurance, health care assurance. While there will be demand for actuaries, prediction will be those who have the greatest applicable experience. Experienced actuaries can easily move to middle and higher business management place. Consulting offers excellent prospects after relevant experience. 

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